We are witnessing a transformation of society that is leading to total enslavement


It is important to remember the words of John F. Kennedy –  our problems are man-made; therefore, they can be solved by man.

Discernment is essential as there are many gatekeepers; false alternative media channels, NGOs, Governments, politicians, corporate leaders, prophets, religious leaders, podcasters and bloggers. Remember this: the biggest liars are often the ones that speak closest to the truth known as gatekeepers / Judas Goats ( I.e. WHO, UN, WEF, NATO, Trilateral Commission, the Vatican, Royal families, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Larry Fink, Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, David Icke, Reiner Fuellmich, Max Igan, Alex Jones, David Martin, Taylor Swift etc.).

‘The Controllers’ game: create the PROBLEM, manage the public REACTION, and offer the prescribed SOLUTION = total digital prison slave system. To create non-sensory information, duality, fear, disinformation, the morality card in exchange for your FREEDOM to poison you spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically to achieve their outcome AKA total enslavement of world population.

We do not hold the truth nor think that all information on this website is truthful. We might agree on one topic presented here but not on others by the same author(s). You must connect the dots, explore further and navigate your path as unparalleled disruption has started.

To provide additional context and insights, we have included some links below that may aid in joining the dots and illuminating what is to come. We must not remain silent but instead engage in thoughtful and well-informed discussions and actions as we move forward.

We are for decentralisation of power. No more large system societies that attract sociopaths and psychopaths who desire control and power over others. Instead, we are for small community living where each member is accountable and responsible for their actions. Where uniqueness, imagination, creation and self-realisation are the norm. A community where no harm is done to self, others or Mother Earth. It is, therefore, time we turn our back and let the current “controllers” of this world process their own ‘curses’ and for us people to start creating the life we want.

But before you read any further click here and watch this 3:18 minute clip of the movie: ‘My Dinner with André’ – 1981 it discusses our challenge beautifully.


News & information


Journalist, researchers telling their truth

  1. James Corbett:
  2. Martin Vrijland :
  3. Jon Rapport – journalist/researcher:
  4. We are Sovereign:
  5. Insider(s) leaking information:

“The Controllers” objectives – mindset – history:

  1. What is the New World order by Jeremy Lee:
  2. Illuminati/CFR: Vol. I – III’ (1967 Myron Fagan):
  3. Hitler the greatest story never told:
  4. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (ex-Pr.Minister Malaysia): depopulation:
  5. Rosa-koire – the-goal-of-agenda 21
  6. Rosa Koire exposes UN Agenda 21/2030:
  7. Unmasking Freemasonory:
  8. Deagel population forecast of nearly 70 percent fewer Americans by 2025 is starting to look prophetic:

Mind control / slave mindset:

  1. When fiction becomes truth:
  2. Why people think they are free:
  3. Making of a slave:
  4. New concentration camp:
  5. Aldous Huxely – The ultimate revolution ‘Brave new world’ (Berkeley speech 1962):

Brain/warfare done on people:

  1. Proffesor Nita Farahany – The battle field of your brain:
  2. Dr Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War:
  3. Dr James Giordano The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future:

Technocracy and trans-humanism:

  1. Patrick Wood – take over of ALL genetic code on earth:
  2. What is coming – Patrick Wood (world expert):

Digital enslavement (WHO – EU – USA – China):

  1. James Reguski / researcher:
  2. EU Parliament agrees on digital ID:
  3. Meryl Nass – bio security system (2 page summery) :
  4. Truth Stream Media – boarder travel BIO – ID:
  5. Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) – 2028, the 50-in-5 campaign: 
  6. UN, Gates Foundation ’50-in-5′ campaign:

Banking / Federal Reserve / derivative complex collapse:

  1. Financial collapse, how could your wealth be confiscated legally:

Virus hoax – pandemic creation:

  1. Large overview of the virus / pandemic hoax:

Powerful companies of the world:

  1. Time Gielen – ‘Who owns the world’ (documentary):
  2. How BlackRock conquered the world:
  3. How Vanguard conquered the world:
  4. How to defeat Black Rock:

Media brainwashing propoganda:

  1. The Media Matrix – Full documentary:

Geoengineering / climate change / global warming:

  1. Dane Wigington on climate engineering: 
  2. Geoengineering / climate change / global warming:
  3. Dr. Bjorn Lomborg researcher:
  4. Founder of weather channel on CNN:
  5. Stance on climate change –  John Coleman (Deceased):
  6. West Antarctica FALLS 2°C in 20 Years:
  7. Engineering the climate:
  8. What to Know about geoengineering:
  9. Unconventional grey” geoengineering and the climate change agenda:
  10. Italians blow chemtrails ‘secret war’ Lid off With film (Video):
  11. Chemtrails -what In the world are they spraying? – (full length Doc):
  12. Why in the world are they spraying?” doc. HD multiple language subtitles:
  13. SKYSCRATCH – The geoengineering/chemtrail cover Up 2014 Documentary:
  14. Aerosol crimes a.k.a. chemtrails 2005 documentary:
  15. Extensive list of patents:…/
  16. Geoengineering and weather modification patents:…/geoengineering-weather…/
  17. The regulation of geoengineering:…/cms…/221/221.pdf
  18. CRS Report for Congress prepared for members and committees of Congress
  19. Documentation of geoengineering:
  20. An extensive list of patents:…/
  21. Geoengineering and weather modification patents:…/geoengineering-weather…/
  22. Geoengineering: Workshop on Unilateral Planetary Scale Geoengineering:…/geoengineering-workshop-on…/pr1364
  23. What’s Cooking Our Planet in 2016:…/whats-cooking-our-planet…/
  24. US Senate considering albedo modification Geoengineering proposal:…/us-senate-considering…/…

Moon Landing hoax:  

What was the Apollo project really  – American Moon Doco by – Massimo Mazzucco:

Oil falsely classified a ”fossil fuel” and the shortage lie:

1. The origin of oil (falsely defined at the Geneva Convention in 1892):

Nuclear weapons hoax:

  1. Galen Winsor, The nuclear scare scam:
  2. The Atomic bomb hoax – nukes do not exist:
  3. The most important film studio in U.S. Cold War history:
  4. Miles Mathis ‘The nuclear hoax’:

A different version of the world map:

  1. Vibes of Cosmos – the earth reflected in the moon’s plasma:

Movies that reveal what is happening:

  1. My Dinner with André – 1981 movie:
  2. The Trueman Show – 1998 movie:
  3. Wag the Dog – 1997 movie:
  4. Eyes Wide Shut -1999 movie:
  5. The Matrix – 1999 movie:
  6. Ready player one – 2018 movie:
  7. Leave the World Behind – 2023 movie: