I think I have demonstrated in all my previous blog posts that there is no virus, no pandemic, and all measurements including RT- PCR testing, lockdowns, curfews, distancing (1.5 meters), mask-wearing, quarantine etc have never been scientifically demonstrated to work.

The world right now is ushering in the biggest medical evil experiment that I predict is going to create total health chaos, death and misery. For more information on this topic please read my previous blog posts.

When there is no alleged virus (SARS-CoV-2) that is causing COVID-19 disease, what then is really going on? The vaccine and vaccine passport are the Trojan Horse. We are entering into a new kind of society where you are going to be injected, tracked, recorded, reported, rewarded and or punished all based on how you think and behave. You think I am joking, the joke is on you!

Our freedom is at stake because what is coming is a digital biometric passport it will be your digital ID. What this means is that we are about to lose (if we let them) all our freedoms, as we knew them, before COVID-19. Together we must stop this madness and take full control of our lives.

Remember that ignorance can lead to evil and right now that is happening.

Please have a look at the following video: